Brenda Lynn Smith’s Mint Tea

Having returned from a week long trip to Tennessee, we found the yellow squash overtaking the garden. It looks like I will be busy this weekend, canning up summer squash relish. I do love yellow squash and how it grows so prolifically in our garden.

For the past 6 Summers, my daughter and I have taken a “roots” trip to visit family members in my home state. We have kinfolk stretching from Pigeon Forge to Waverly, Tennessee and truly- a week isn’t long enough to see everyone. It is always so much fun to go! We visit Civil War battlefields, ancient family home sites & graveyards, have cookouts and see new babies. Mostly we get spoiled by our loved ones. I am grateful that my 13 year old still wants to go with me each year.

While we were in Bellevue, Tennessee visiting my cousin, Brenda. She served the most refreshing mint tea. I asked her for the recipe, and I wanted to share it with you, dear readers.

Enjoy a tall, cold glass of it on these hot midsummer days!

Brenda Lynn Smith’s Mint Tea

12 bags Bigelow Mint Tea

12 ounce can of frozen lemonade concentrate

1 Gallon fresh water.

Bring a gallon of water to a boil and add 12 mint tea bags. Let steep 10 minutes and to that add the lemonade concentrate. The concentrate is usually pre-sweetened, but you can add more sugar if it is not sweet enough. Store in the refrigerator in a pitcher and serve over ice.

That’s the news from the homestead, see you next week!