A brand new calendar holds so much promise

New Calendar
New Calendar

In my hands, I hold a whole new year to plan, dream and set goals for. It is such fun to think that in two more months the daffodils will be blooming. In four months, I will plant the tiny seeds that will grow into vegetables to feed my family, and five months from now; I will once again smell the roses that bloom so lovely in my garden.

When I was a teenager, I never liked the winter months. To me, they signaled a let down after the highs of the holiday season. Three months of dreary, cold and dark weather and a bit of melancholy was all the first of the new year meant to me. Now, that I am wiser, I relish this peaceful season of reflection and (some) rest. The boisterous holidays and craft show that I take part in are over, and I have more time to sit and think.

Writing out goals for the new year is something I enjoy. I suppose it is the same as making resolutions, except to me, resolutions seem negative. ( I’m not quite sure where that idea came from.) If I make it a goal instead, it seems more obtainable. Do you do that too? I find that the physical act of writing out an idea or goal helps to cement it in my head, and I find that I can achieve it easier.

Thank you for coming out to the Tiny Boutique, week after week and for faithfully reading my column. Here’s wishing you the very best that 2017 has to offer.

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