Stolen Moments

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To me, the most valuable things in life are those ephemeral things you cannot truly possess. Those precious moments with loved ones now gone…what would you give to relive those?

I’ve always looked at pictures to recreate those lost times.  Immersing yourself in an image, happy as well as bittersweet memories can be fully relived and remembered. When I was told, “children grow so quickly”, I took it with a grain of salt.  Now my two boys have grown up before my eyes and are in their thirties.  I have two grandchildren aged 5 and 18 months. Now, “time flies” makes so much sense! As a “professional” photographer and small business owner, I’ve made my living with my craft in addition to operating a business, and I also know the importance of giving back to my community.  I serve on the Executive Board with the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce, served as VP at MH Arts and serve on the South Eastern Arts and Science Council.  Beyond all this, I feel the need to stress the importance of a professional portrait as well. The countless candids of my grandkids I’ve taken with my smartphone are prized possessions, but, like most of yours, those photos live on my smartphone or somewhere on the computer.  I’m guilty of not always printing my favorites. Today, printing photos is considered old school.  I try to understand that because I still love to see images of my loved ones, those wonderful stolen moments, around my home.

In my living room, I proudly display an oil painting of my grandson at age two.  One day, at our house for a visit, he ran into the kitchen asking where his painting was.  I had taken it down briefly for use in my photo display at a festival, unaware he even knew that his portrait was on my wall!  Seeing his image on our wall made him feel important!  What a revelation! I had never thought of portraits in that way before.

Three questions for you about the images on your walls:

1. Do you sometimes smile, remembering with happiness the experience you had that day?

2.   If you stopped displaying that portrait, would anyone feel hurt?  Sometimes you have no idea it is even being noticed.
3.   When was the last time you documented, in a professional photograph, the important people in your life?

Being in the photography business for the past 30+ years, I’ve heard the words ”would have, could have, should have” all too often.

• I should have gotten her portrait taken when ….

• I would have made an appointment but didn’t take time…

• I could have gotten the family portraits taken but didn’t know the importance

Once your little ones are grown and away from home, once your loved one has passed…you can’t turn back time.

Let them know how important they are. Don’t put it off.  Don’t let another moment pass by. Value your loved ones by hiring a professional, skilled, and trained in lighting and posing, who can design, print, and frame an heirloom portrait to display in your home, preserving beloved memories for a lifetime.  Images will get lost on your computers and smartphones.  Filters and trends will go out of style, but a classical portrait is forever.

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