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Wine & Beer Apps
Wine & Beer Apps
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With new applications launching everyday, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the world of technology! Whether you are a budding enthusiast of wine & beer or an aficionado, you are likely to find an app out there that will help you learn the latest lingo or find your next bottle. I have compiled a few of my favorites from over the years.

Wine Maps – $0.99

If you truly want to learn more about wine you have to start with where it comes from. Wine Maps features 1400+ maps of the world’s wine regions. Clearly presented with rivers, cities and towns, the app allows you to explore the topographical nuances of Burgundy and other regions. The app also allows you to print the maps, for offline, analog study. There is even an Apple TV app available.

Tipple – Free

Still learning to taste wine or maybe you’re searching for the latest terminology? We all are! Tipple will lead you step by step through tasting, from describing the wine’s color to the various terms used for taste and aroma. The app allows you to keep a record or “TimeWine” of all the wines you’ve tasted, along with tasting notes, a timestamp and geolocation, tags, photos, and freeform notes on each tasting card.

NextGlass – Free

This app claims they can help you find your perfect drink! With the helpful use of algorithms, NextGlass knows if you will like any beer or wine before you buy it! The app first asks you to rate wine & beer you’ve had before. They analyze your ratings against each drink’s chemistry to build your taste profile. Snap a photo of a label and find out how likely it is that you will enjoy it. View nutritional information and add a beer or wine to your wish list. P.S. This app is HQ’d in Wilmington, NC! Let’s support our homestate!

Untappd – Free

This app is the ultimate social network for craft beer lovers. Find nearby breweries & bars and see what they are serving. See what beers are trending and what your friends are drinking and read their reviews with pictures and check-ins.

Beer Buddy – $3.99

Beer Buddy allows you to use your device’s camera to scan barcodes from beer bottles, cases and cans. Discover brewery information, history, ABV, and reviews. Search the apps database to find information on almost any beer. Make a list of your favorite beers and beers you want to try. This app does it all!

Do you have a favorite app? We’d love to hear about it! Stop by sometime!

Chrissy Liescheidt


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