Beer Hacks

Beer Hacks
Beer Hacks

Everyone can use a good life-hack, right? This week, I’ve compiled my favorite beer hacks.

Open a Beer
1. Use another bottle (lid on) to open your beer bottle. Hold a bottle upside down with your dominant hand. Hold the beer you intend to drink right side up in your other hand. Hook the lids together and use the upside down bottle as a lever. Be careful not to open the wrong bottle!

2. Fold a sheet of paper in half vertically four times, then once lengthwise to create a long and thick V-shaped piece. Compress and wedge the folded paper under the bottle cap with one hand while gripping the top of the neck with the other (the paper should rest between your index finger and the cap). Then pop the bottle open with one sharp maneuver.

3+.You can also use the metal plate of a door jam, a spoon, fork, screwdriver, butter knife, belt buckle, key, lighter, paint can opener…the possibilities are endless. Be creative and use what is around you. Just be sure to not damage the object you are using!

No Cooler?
1. Lay a bag of ice flat. Cut several slits into the plastic bag. Push your bottled or canned beer into slits and through the ice so that they stand up in the ice. Instant cooler!

2. Line the box or case your beer came in with a plastic grocery or trash bag. Replace beer and pour ice overtop. There you have it – a compact cooler on the fly! This is a great hack to use for concerts, tailgating or the beach where you may not want to keep up with an empty cooler at the end of the day.

Keep Beer Cold
1. In the warmer months, you can freeze beer in an ice cube tray to use to keep your beer cool in a glass. Be sure to leave a little room in the tray for the beer to expand.

2. Keep a pitcher cold by floating a plastic cup full of ice in it.

Leftover Beer
On the rare occasion that you may have leftover beer, use these handy hacks-

1. Freeze beer in an ice cube tray to use in your favorite recipes. A little beer in your chili or taco meat is really tasty! Beer cheese, dips, BBQ, roasts & even green beans are delicious with a little beer added.

2. When you have left over bottles or cans on the porch after a party, pour them on the lawn! Beer acts as a source of carbohydrates for microbes in the soil.

I hope you can use a few of these hacks! If you have any you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them! See you around town!