Seasons Greetings – We can say it!

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Season’s Greetings! You know, we can now officially use that term starting October 31st! Any more, life goes so fast that if we don’t stretch the “Holiday” season a little longer, from 10/31 to 1/6 (The Epiphany) LOL it comes and goes in a blink of an eye and just leaves behind exhaustion, clean up, credit card bills and the worst fall out of the “Holidays”…ten extra pounds of fat sitting on our hips!

I want to share with you two strategic maneuvers to have in place so that your health and waistline are not the collateral damage during the Blissful hustle and bustle of THE season!!

Pretty much, we “gotta” rage war and protect ourselves from the deception that the holidays are doom, debt and chubby jeans! Rather arm ourselves with education to make it thru this tricky time of year being Victorious and Leaner for the wear!

The most important weapon to use in your fight with temptation is this, “STABILIZE THE BLOOD SUGAR!” I one hundred percent guarantee you will win this battle every single time if you start the day with breakfast, eat three more meals throughout the day that have the right ratios of complete protein, carbs and dietary fat, and if you happen to stay up late that you then eat another small meal before bed.

Taaarust me! You will wake up leaner. I cannot be emphatic enough when it comes to this topic. When the blood sugar is erratic or low, you will never ever be able to defend yourself from the desire to consume the sweets and treats of the season.

When you have stabilized blood sugar, here is the difference- when someone walks by with a plate of the perfect chocolate chip cookies, you won’t even flinch, they will not appeal to you! In the event you decide to push through and eat one” just because” you will be satisfied at 1 rather than 11! THE NUMBER ONE thing on your to do list each and every day should be EAT BREAKFAST!!!!! Check it off!

The next weapon in your arsenal should be exercise. When you exercise not only do you metabolize stress hormones (not that the holidays add any stress right???!!!) the chemistry in the blood changes as well as the release of many different hormones and in abundance amounts.

This all points to a battle well fought and won because again the specialty foods that are rich in sugar and fat laden will not appeal to you and if they do or if you decide to indulge a little will go a long way!

When you live each day reprogramming your body to be fit and lean, the holidays will never again be detrimental to your fitness and wellness goals. You will be able to eat whatever you want and never gain fat weight again so it won’t matter what season it is!

Check in with the column again next time and I will give you:

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5 Top Holiday Mistakes —– how to avoid the traps this year!

Until then I am off to the barn to hang lights and ribbons and holly and wreaths…I am getting a late start, it’s almost Halloween! Cheers!!!

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