Scotch or Guiness
Scotch or Guiness
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It seemed like a combination of Trish and Glen could never agree on where to go for a special vacation. Coffee with Phil and Barbara ended up like being at a Tree Lighting Ceremony. Everything just seemed to fit for both of us.

It would be a two-week trip covering both Scotland and Ireland, and tracing our family heritage. Phil spent much too much time helping me research where our families came from. Glen was so pleased as Phil and I showed him where we probably originated, and where some of our relatives might still be.

Barbara showed us where the important sightseeing spots were, as Phil laid out our itinerary for us. We could not believe all we were going to be doing, and for the price Phil gave us. Barbara even provided us with a packing list of everything we might need, including Passport and Security items.

Long before our scheduled departure, Phil and Barbara met with us to review all our reservations and transportation tickets. We had a personalized itinerary for every day.

All that was left was to enjoy and explore. We even had been upgraded to business class for our round trip flight to Europe.

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Phil Angelo
Having traveled as Travel Consultants since 1992, Phil and Barbara can honestly say "Been There - Done That". We have been on over 85 cruises, visited 43 countries, and over 125 resorts all over the world. We have relationships with over 100 registered travel companies, giving you the very best choice and pricing.