The Importance of a Photograph

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One Moment, One Click of a Shutter, and Time Stands Still Forever…

All too soon my husband and I had to stop everything in a moments notice to be with family and say our goodbyes to his mother.  I am grateful for this Godly woman who gave birth to my husband.  It has been a wonderful time to reflect back on the many years of fond memories.  In a blink of an eye, all physical contact is gone and the thought we can no longer pick up the phone and have a conversation is heart wrenching.  All we have left are the many memories we hold in our heart and those that have been captured on film, hard copy pictures or digitally.

Maybe just the photo on your phone, the “bad hair day” image, becomes a highlight that brings joy and a smile to your otherwise empty void.  Nonetheless, a photo brought that memory to mind. Photos can bring good memories and bad memories but a photo always stop time and becomes history.

Elsie was excited to show everyone that came to her home where a beach portrait hung that I painted of her when she was 89 years old.  “She threw me in the weeds, and this is what came out!” she would say, as she raised her eyes and smiled infectiously.

That painting is now hanging in our home and expresses the importance of the ones we love.  

I had the privilege of photographing Elsie two more times recently.  Dressed to the nines in a beautiful blue lace dress, she celebrated her ninetieth birthday.  Most recently, her friend Pat wanted to get in on the fun.  We planned a ‘Best Friend photoshoot’.  The two of them acted like teenagers; excitedly planning what to wear right down to the jewelry and shoe choices.  Lots of laughs were had that day and was truly a highlight for them both.


Don’t let another moment pass.. Capture the good times and the bad.

Seize the moment and act on preserving history.  

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