Safety Comes First in Traveling – Part 2

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Many of you have read about some horrific incidents that have occurred to US Citizens traveling abroad. Sexual assaults both on board cruise ships and at resorts occur periodically. Robberies, mostly unarmed “in the moment” events also occur. Falling or “jumping” overboard from cruise ships at sea do occur. False imprisonment of US Citizens and breaches of verbal contracts also occur. You should know, in general, some very wise steps to reduce such incidents.

A. Never enter a contract of any kind with someone or some company not known to you, or that you cannot vet before you buy. As a personal opinion only, I just cannot understand why people agree to rent or purchase something such as an apartment in a foreign country, sight unseen and with no recourse. Just google some horror stories about such arrangements that have occurred worldwide.

B. If you are going to be drinking more than usual, especially in a foreign country and a strange resort, be aware of your surroundings at all times. Have someone as the designated “driver” each time so that person can oversee any activities you may indulge in while under the influence. Don’t drink because you paid for it and you feel you need to get your monies worth, drink for enjoyment.

C. Use a credit card whenever practical, instead of cash. Flashing cash or jewelry is asking for an incident.

D. Always keep someone at home informed of your daily itinerary in case of emergency.

E. Stay at recommended resorts, ask the resort for recommendations of how and where to visit, drink only at that resort, and ALWAYS travel with a responsible party who can assist you if you are unable to help yourself.

F. Ask your favorite travel consultant for sound advice.

Travel Safely

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