Recommendations for Home Improvements with High ROI

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Improving your home can be a great way to make it a more comfortable space for you and your family. Some home improvements will even help to increase the amount you can sell your home for when that time comes. If you’re interested in home improvements with a high ROI, here are five great choices.

1. Replacing the Garage Door

One of the home improvements you can make and recoup nearly 100% of the cost is replacing your garage door. An attractive garage door will add to the curb appeal and the cost is pretty easy to recoup when you list your home for sale in Mint Hill, NC.

2. Small Kitchen Remodel

While you won’t recoup the entire amount spent on a kitchen remodel, if you keep it smaller, you can recoup about 80% of the cost, on average. If you replace appliances, reface cabinets, install new countertops, replace the sink and faucet, add new flooring, repaint the walls, and replace the hardware, you might be able to sell your home faster and recoup most of the expense.

3. Add a Wood Deck

Improving your home by adding a wood deck for outdoor entertaining will help make your home more attractive for buyers. The cost of adding a deck isn’t going to be cheap, but you will likely recoup about 83% of the cost when it’s time to sell.

4. Replace Old Siding

When it’s time to remodel your home, you may not even consider the siding. It’s often forgotten, but it can have a pretty big impact on your home’s value. The cost of new siding can be recouped at about 77%, making it one of the home improvements with a high ROI.

5. New Entry Door

Another home improvement project adding to the curb appeal of your home, adding a new steel entry door is one of the least expensive projects on this list. You’ll recoup about 75% of the investment when selling your home if you choose to replace your old entry door with a new, steel door.

These five home improvement projects have a high ROI and make quite a bit of sense if you plan to list your home for sale on the Mint Hill real estate market in the next few months or years.

Other improvements to consider: bathroom updates, energy-efficient windows, and lots of basic updates that please buyer, e.g. paint, hardware, light fixtures, flooring.

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