The Twelve Areas of Balance

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This week I read then entire book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani and then I stalked his website, There was an area in the book that really resonated and it kept popping back in to my mind, all week long. The Twelve Areas of Balance. This is a great tool to keep on an even playing field in all areas of your life. Are you in balance ? Rate these 1-10

1. Love Relationship: How happy are you?
2. Friendships: How strong is your support network?
3. Adventures: New experiences?
4. Enviroment: Quality of your home, work, space that you live in
5. Health and Fitness: What is your physical and health condition?
6. Intellectual : Are you a life long learned?
7. Current Skills: Are you a master or stagnant?
8. Spirtual Life: Doing things that keep you connected, balanced and peaceful
9. Career: Are you growing or stuck in a rut?
10. Creativity: Engage in activity that helps you channel your creativity?
11. Family Life: Do you love coming home to your family after a long hard day?
12. Community: Are you volunteering, contributing in your community?

By answering these questions truthfully just for yourself you can probably see areas in which you can improve. If you are interested in more depth on these areas of balance, the book helps you understand and gives ways to rewrite you modelas of reality.

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