The Story Behind the Southern Gates® Jewelry Collection

Southern Gates Jewelry
Southern Gates Jewelry

Inspired by wrought iron gates throughout the country, the Southern Gates® Collection is a tribute to the skill of artisan blacksmiths in the 18th and 19th centuries. The delicate filigree designs once forged in iron represent a legacy that continues today through the presence of lasting iron gates. The Southern Gates® Collection represents timeless tradition that any woman can wear.

Southern Gates® has become a collector’s item and a tradition for many women. Katie Sacko, Marketing Manager of Cargo Hold Inc., remarks that this collection offers sentimental designs that provide a connection to the South. Whether you’re from here or just love to visit, customers love the story that comes with each piece.

In 2004, after tossing around ideas for a line inspired by the southern city of Charleston, SC, the Southern Gates® Collection evolved. This fine sterling silver line captures the rich history of the South and is now a best-selling series, known for its high quality and high value brand.

We, at RanBec Jewelers, would love to show you some of these beautiful pieces. We have a nice collection of pendants, earrings, and/or bracelets that any woman would love to have under the Christmas tree….and the best part….very affordable!!