The Latest Trends in Jewelry

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Now that the Holiday Season is fast approaching and jewelry is always a gift that is timeless, let’s explore the latest trends.

Wearing two-tone jewelry, by mixing metals together, is always popular. This trend allows you to wear different pieces together.

Now a third metal has been added: rose gold. The Fashion Industry has a long history with rose gold, a color that exists somewhere between luxury and fashion. It goes in and out of style, and right now it’s very much back in style.

Now everyone loves rose gold. You can find rose gold in watches and even electronic gadgets. Much research has been done into what color means and how it makes a statement to most people.

Rose gold has the same effect on almost everyone. Rose gold means compassion, warmth, something that draws you in that has great appeal. Consumers love it for the subliminal sense of peace and calm it provides in an increasingly hectic world. Companies love it because it conveys opulence and comfort, two things that aren’t easily communicated with a metal rectangle.

So if you are looking for something unique in the jewelry line, a piece in rose gold would be a perfect gift to add to someone’s collection.

Another latest trend in jewelry would be the diamonds in motion/rhythm. You can purchase rings, pendants, and earrings with the diamonds in motion. These diamonds catch the light from every angle and move as the person wearing it moves.

Diamonds in Rhythm is an exciting collection of diamond jewelry featuring a revolutionary patented design. The diamonds are set at a precise angle to allow continuous movement of the center diamond.

Stackable bangles and rings are extremely popular now. Expandable bangles celebrate the joy found in love and friendship. Designed for sharing memories of those special moments in life, each piece is adorned with symbols, combining color and meaning. The bangle’s unique mechanism makes each piece adjustable for a perfect fit every time.

Stackable rings are also classic styles with special meaning crafted into each. For example, an occasion in life, a special relationship, and even to signify your birthstone month. These rings can be beautifully stacked on any finger.

Now that you have valuable information about the latest jewelry trends, come visit us at RanBec Jewelers. We will be happy to share some of these ideas with you for your Christmas gifts to that special person.

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