Spin Class

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CHARLOTTE – Dog training should be fun for you and for your dog! Teaching obedience is terrific for your dog, but do you also want to teach fun things?

Welcome to SPIN CLASS! Yep, this is a different kind of spinning. Let’s teach your dog to “spin” and “twirl”. This is a fun behavior and once your dog has learned, your children will enjoy cueing this with your pup too.

  • Start with your dog standing in front of you
  • Hold a treat in your hand, bring it close to your dog’s nose
  • Slowly move your hand clockwise (from 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock) so that your dog’s nose follows
  • As your dog turns its head to follow, mark him and treat
  • Repeat until he’s easily following your hand

Next, follow the same steps but:

  • Increase the turn (from 6 to12)
  • Repeat
  • Increase the turn (from 6 to 3)
  • Repeat
  • Increase the turn (from 6 to 6)

When your dog is able to follow your hand from 6 o’clock clockwise back to 6 o’clock again, you’ve got your spin! Nice job!

Next, name the behavior.

  • Say “spin” then guide your dog into the clockwise turn
  • When the spin is completed, mark and treat
  • Next, use an empty hand to guide your dog around, when finished, mark and treat

Want to teach the other direction? Counterclockwise is “twirl”! Take it slowly, step by step, and your pup will be spinning and twirling in no time!

“See” you next week for more fun training ideas! Stay positive!

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