Positive Reinforcement Part 2

Bentley is on place outdoors. Good boy!
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CHARLOTTE – Last week we talked about positive reinforcement and understanding how it feels to be positively reinforced or told “NO” repeatedly. Have you thought about which you would like to have in your work environment? How about in your home?

So often in our lives with our dogs, we’re focused on what we do not want them to do. Remember our question from last week, “what can my dog do instead?”  This week I’d like to mention several of the many behaviors you can positively reinforce in your home to make everyday life a little more pleasant for both you and your dog.

Positively reinforce your dog for:

  • Laying on his bed while your family eats at the table
  • Staying inside the house when the door is open
  • Waiting politely at the door before going out (I’m okay with your pup going first, but not okay with her tripping you or pulling you down the steps outside)
  • Laying or sitting quietly when you’re having a conversation
  • Chewing on acceptable items
  • Making good choices when you’re not telling her what to do (my favorite)

Most of all, notice the good things your dog offers and reinforce positively! When you see a behavior you don’t care for, think about what your pup could do instead. Make this a part of your daily routine. Don’t wait until a bad habit has started, take time to notice the great things your dog does every day!

Questions about training? Let me hear them! Email: camille@sspdogtraining.com

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