Come When Called

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CHARLOTTE – Recall, or “come when called”, is a safety behavior that I teach to every pup, no matter the dog’s age. Having a strong recall with your dog can save your dog’s life!

To teach a solid recall, I like to use games. In order to help your pup respond quickly, without delay, I want him to think this is the best word he’s EVER heard.

Puppy Ping Pong: start with 2 people about 6-10′ apart.

  • The 1st person calls the word “Come!” When the puppy turns to look, encourage him to you, celebrate with high-value treats and act like it’s party time and he’s the best dog ever!
  • Next, the 2nd person will use the word and repeat the process. Celebrate, treat, love on your pup!
  • Repeat, slowly increasing distance. If the puppy runs to you before you’ve said the word, still love on him and celebrate, but do not treat unless you’ve said the word and he responded to it.

Hide and Seek:

  • Slowly begin to move behind an object in your home, a door, or a piece of furniture. Call your word once, be patient and let your pup find you.
  • While your pup is running to you for his treat and celebration, the 2nd person should find a hiding place.

Start inside your home, then outside with a 20′ leash for safety. Don’t forget to hide outside too. It’s a terrific brain game for your dog and teaches him to love your recall word too!

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