Celebrating YOU – The Pet Parent

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CHARLOTTE – Coming up this Sunday, April 25th – the day to celebrate pet parents everywhere!

For those times when you:

  • bought them that brand new, fluffy bed that lasted all of 20 minutes
  • took them on a walk when you were supposed to be working
  • made a special trip to the store for pet food. In the rain. In 34 degree temps.
  • moved over on the bed so you didn’t disturb your sleeping dog
  • took your puppy out to potty at 2 am

We know that pet parenting isn’t always easy. There are decisions to be made, toys to clean up, dog beds to wash, and poop bags to pick up. For all of the amazing pet parent things you do, YOU ROCK!

Ideas to celebrate your pet parent’s day?

  • Snuggle with your pup
  • Explore a new trail
  • Take goofy pictures of you and your pup
  • Stop by your favorite coffee shop for your coffee and a “pup-a-cino”

Whether you rescued your dog or purchased from a breeder, whether you have a big dog or a little dog, (or multiples!), you are all amazing pet parents and celebrated especially on this day!

As a special gift to you, mention this article for $10 off of a dog training consultation appointment. Have a great pet parent day!

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