2021: The Year of Sniffing

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CHARLOTTE – I have a challenge for you in this new year. Start the new year off right by letting your dog sniff. That’s all. SNIFF. Sounds easy right?

Did you know that every single time your dog uses their nose, their brains engage? They take in an incredible amount of information from each sniff. This wonderful and very intelligent action is a part of every dog’s instinct. Some dogs may love sniffing more, but every single dog enjoys it.

  • Sniffing allows your dog to use an amazing amount of brain energy, leaving less energy for things like reactivity and other poor behaviors.
  • Sniffing is very relaxing for a dog.
  • Sniffing is considered “mental enrichment”, just like puzzle toys or games

What can you do to help your dog?

  • Consider the walk as your dog’s walk. Let him choose the direction and the speed.
  • Let ‘em sniff! (Be patient)
  • Take a different route so that your dog can smell new scents.
  • Better yet, take your dog on a “Sniffari”! Find an open area or a trail to hike. Put your dog on a 20’ leash, and follow him. Let him be a dog and sniff to his heart’s content.
  • Play fun games of “Find It” where he sniffs out his treats placed around a room.

You’ll find that letting your dog use his natural instincts to sniff will result in a calmer, happier dog. It’s easy for you and fun for your furry friend. Make 2021 the Year of Sniffing for your dog!

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe New Year!

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