04.09.2020 Message from Mayor Simmons

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Mint Hill Community.

Since I’m not seeing you around town, and we have had to cancel our meetings for the month of April, I wanted to take this time to recognize some folks in our community.

I want to personally thank our town employees who continue to serve Mint Hill during these difficult times.

* The Police and Fire department who are on the front lines out protecting our community.

* The Public Works department who are monitoring our parks, cutting grass, maintaining our roads, addressing stormwater issues, all while practicing social distancing.

* The Town Hall staff who continue to do their jobs working remotely. In addition to the day to day operations, they are providing the town manager materials to prepare the town budget, so the commissioners and I can review it in a timely fashion.

I want to take a moment to thank those true heroes in our community.

* The doctors, nurses, and staff at the hospitals seeing people every day and putting their lives at risk as they take care of our community.

* The educators who are out there working with their students and their families ensuring that students continue to get the services they need.

* The unsung heroes who work at the grocery store, restaurant, gas station or other essential business.

Next time you are out I encourage you to let these individuals know they are appreciated.

I ask you to continue to support our local small businesses. They need our help now, more than ever.

While we are all at home, I want to encourage everyone to take a few minutes and complete the 2020 Census at www.2020Census.gov . It’s important for all citizens to complete this form. Whatever federal and state grants and other funding that becomes available over the next 10 years are partially dependent on the population of the town. When our population is accurately counted, we receive accurate financial allocations from government services and disbursements. By completing the census, you can help shape the future of Mint Hill.

I ask you to stay strong, stay healthy, stay informed, but most importantly, continue to stay home. I am confident we will all come through this stronger.

Happy Easter everyone!

Brad Simmons

Mint Hill Mayor

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