Pollen season is here

I recently saw a photograph showing a yellow haze hanging over the Charlotte city skyline. I soon realized that the yellow haze is pollen. Then it dawned on me why my eyes have been so swollen in the last two weeks or so. Many people are not as lucky as I am, they develop severe breathing problems. We have all seen that layer of yellow dust on our cars. It is called pollen season. Doctors often treat flue like symptoms at the change of the season. Often times they treat these symptoms with Antibiotics. Many times, the symptoms don’t respond to the treatment. The reason for this is that the “flue symptoms” are not “flue symptoms” at all. They are allergies. The air that you are breathing is polluted with impurities. Even though you live a healthy life you cannot avoid the impurities that nature throws at you.

Perhaps there is something you could do about this. An air filtration system attached to your existing comfort system could offer some relief of your breathing problems. You spend the greatest part of your day indoors. The air that you breathe at night is very important. These air filtration systems do not cost the earth and they filter microscopic pollutants that otherwise land up in your lungs. Air quality is not important only in pollen season. The air you breathe year-round is important. If you have any form of breathing problem the quality of the air that you are inhaling is extremely important. We have several air filtration systems available. We will be just to happy to discuss your needs.

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