Pink foods to help fight Breast Cancer

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It is that time of year again when everything turns pink as a reminder to women and men to focus on breast health and cancer prevention. In my family, there are several breast cancer survivors, and I am sure that you reading this article know of several women in your family who have also been diagnosed and survived breast cancer.

Cancer, in any form, is probably the worst diagnosis that a person can hear from their doctor. I don’t know of anyone that ever wants to be diagnosed with breast cancer or any cancer, however I also don’t see many people who are living their life to avoid being diagnosed with cancer either.

All to often I hear people say that there is nothing that they can do to avoid cancer. After all, it runs in their family and is in their genes. While there is some truth to genetic predisposition for certain health conditions, science has debunked the myth that you are destined to suffer horrible diseases primarily as a result of your DNA. In fact, science has proven that your environment and your lifestyle have way ore influence on your health and disease processes than does your DNA. That is to say that what you eat determines whether you “turn on” or “turn off” bad genes.

Today’s article I am going to share with you some “Pink” foods that you can add to your diet that has been proven scientifically to help your body to fight and prevent breast cancer and other cancers.

  • Beets – according to the American Institute for Cancer Research beets contain a compound called betalains which researches suggest can be both heart and cancer protective. Extract of red beetroot has been shown to help suppress multi-organ tumors in lab tests, and experts are considering using them in combination with traditional anticancer drugs to reduce their toxic side effects. Fermented beets provide even more health benefits.
  • Pomegranates – studies show that this amazing fruit can help protect your body by blocking a specific aromatase enzyme that converts androgens into estrogen. Many diagnosed breast cancer’s today are estrogen dominant breast cancers.
  • Sweet Potatoes – Japanese scientists demonstrate that Anthocyanins, the natural pigments in plant foods (purple fleshed sweet potatoes), have been associated with cancer prevention. In fact, a Japanese study on rats showed that sweet potato extracts reduced existing breast cancer tumors, and held back the growth of new ones.
  • Red Cabbage – another great food loaded with anthocyanins and a compound called indole-3-carbinol has been shown to significantly reduce the incidence of cancers including breast cancer.
  • Red Grapes – you are probably aware that wine is touted to be good for you due to the antioxidant benefits of Resveratrol. However, you can avoid the alcohol in wine by simply eating the grapes.
  • Apples – the pink and red peels of apples also contain the powerful anthocyanins in addition to the flavanol quercetin. Quercetin exerts a direct, pro-apoptotic effect in tumor cells, and can indeed block the growth of several human cancer cell lines at different phases of the cell cycle

What foods do you think you can add to your diet to reduce your chances of developing cancer and other chronic health conditions?

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