4 Tips to Lose Weight before New Years

Weight Loss
Weight Loss
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With the holidays fast approaching, many people, and perhaps you, are going to be indulging in sugary treats and alcoholic beverages with each social gathering.

This is a sure fire way to disrupt your metabolism and pack on the dreaded holiday pounds. Then after New Year’s, you begin to feel guilty about the aftereffects to your waist size and your health.

It’s at this time that you are determined to get back in shape and drop those pesky pounds. But I say, why wait until the New Year to drop that added weight. Why not instead, make a commitment to dropping 5-10 pounds now before the New Year.
Below are 4 practical tips that you can begin today to lose that belly bulge.
1. Try a Mono-Diet – a mono diet is eating only 1 food source every day for a couple of days to as long as 2 weeks. Eating this way helps your body to curb your salt and sugar cravings. It also allows your body a chance to repair, rejuvenate, and detox or rid itself of harmful toxins and dead or diseased tissue.
I recommend protein smoothies or bone broth as my go to mono diet, however other food items like beans, lentils, mixed nuts, or a simple salad (mixed greens tossed in olive oil) can also be used.
2. Intermittent Fasting – too many people have been duped into believing that we need to eat all day long, every day. This was a great marketing ploy strategized by the food industry. The reality is that we can go several hours to even days without eating any food. Our ancestors ate and lived life this way, and so can we.
A good starting point to begin this strategy is to simply stop eating either breakfast or dinner. Continue to consume the same amount of food that your body is hungry for, just do it over a shorter time period through the day. For example, between the hours of 11:00AM and 7:00PM.
3. Stop Drinking Alcohol – One fast way to cut out extra calories is to stop consuming your pre dinner/post work cocktail. Alcohol has 75% more calories than carbohydrates or protein (7 calories per gram of alcohol per 4 calories per gram of carbs or protein).
Plus, the body considers alcohol a poison, so it gets metabolized by the liver first, leaving the rest of our meal to sit around and wait to get processed. Alcohol also lowers inhibitions and causes dehydration, making us more likely to overeat.
4. Track Everything You Eat or Drink – Knowing how you are eating is essential to finding where you can – and are willing – to make changes. But you have to be honest in your tracking, even when you know that your intake of food has far exceeded your needs for the day.
There are plenty of mobile apps that you can use to track your food intake. I personally use the My Symptoms app, however other great apps like My Fitness Pal and Lose It are also good.

And if you don’t feel like typing all of your food items into an app, simply take a photo of everything you eat and drink on your phone. Just before you go to bed, review all of your photos for the day and look to see where you can improve your eating habits.
If these strategies seem difficult, or you want more guided assistance, feel free to contact us at Stanly Wellness Center at 980-355-7600 or online at www.AskDrPatrick.com We can schedule you a consultation to assist you with your weight loss goals.

Also, you can join us on Saturday, January 14th for our FREE Weight Loss Seminar to be held right here in Locust. Simply log into www.EventsWithDrPatrick.com to register and get your free tickets.

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Patrick Ess
Dr. Patrick R. Ess grew up in Buffalo, NY. There, he attended Daemen College for his undergraduate studies in Natural Medicine. After which, he graduated in 2002 from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY, with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. Dr. Ess has treated thousands of patients and changed their lives with care. He believes in educating the patient so that they are better able to make informed decisions regarding their health.

Dr. Ess donates his time to the community by educating people of all ages on a variety of health, wellness, and safety issues. He teaches people how to avoid work injuries, stress maintenance, weight loss and promote healthy lifestyles.

Along with his 2 wonderful children - Tristen (16) and Sara (14), Dr. Ess enjoys cycling, hiking, swimming, drive-in movies, and other outdoor activities. Together they promote a healthy lifestyle with regular chiropractic care.