Wolfie’s Wish Provides Relief for Grieving Pet Parents

Erica Messer's book, "Tails of Spirit Cats", available on her website.
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CHARLOTTE – Last week we introduced you to Erica Messer, owner and founder of Wolfie’s Wish, an award-winning organization that provides simple healing practices to those suffering from pet loss. This week, we are featuring part 2 of our interview with her. Stay tuned for part 3 next week!

Dr. Bonilla: What is one memorable story you can share about how your cards have helped someone during the grieving process?

Messer: I got a message one day from a child in Kuwait. I had met his mother at a pet conference in Germany, where she told me that her 10-year-old son visits his cat’s grave every day after school. She described how he would just sit there every day in their backyard, and I could barely contain myself. I immediately gave her a book and deck of cards to gift to him, and in return received the sweetest “thank you” message I have ever received. This child said that he reads the book over and over again, and told me how much the cards have helped him too. It is these kinds of messages and feedback that keep me going when I start to have doubts, get overwhelmed or start to run out of money. And it’s why I continue to send these cards out into the world all the time, just hoping that they “land” with people. 

Dr. Bonilla: What advice can you share for those dealing with pet grief and loss?

Messer: Find the help that you need. Even if you don’t know what that means, be open to trying different things. Talk to your loved ones about ways to find continued solace, and ask yourself what YOU need to do to heal. Then listen and wait for the answers—they will come. Also, check out our website. It offers recommendations and introductions to pet loss counselors, which makes the process of seeking one out less overwhelming.

We will be featuring part 3 of our interview with Erica Messer in next week’s Passionate Pet Care article. 

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