What’s New in Fur Baby Products?

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CHARLOTTE – It’s always fun and interesting to see what sorts of products and gadgets are being invented with pets and their parents in mind. Recently, there was a new product that really caught our eyes — the Barking Mat.

The Barking Mat was designed by a long time pet parent, and is specifically made to help with potty training. According to their website, “…the Barking Mat simplifies the training process of letting your pet out to ‘go.’” If you’ve had your fur baby since a young age and before he or she was potty trained, you likely remember the struggles that can come along with that! Young pups must be taught to notify you when they need to be let out, so there are often accidents in the house until they understand.

The Barking Mat helps fur babies give you a heads up by letting out an audible cue whenever they step on it. Pet parents have the ability to choose from a dog bark or chime sound, and also to adjust the volume. Additionally, there is a Wifi version of the mat that allows you to set it to silent mode and receive a phone notification instead – wow! If for some reason you aren’t able to make it to the door in time, the BarkingMat actually doubles as a pee pad holder and can easily wipe clean with a damp towel. The Barking Mat seems to be a really neat and useful product for both puppy and senior dog parents! 

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