Spring Cleaning Your Pup

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CHARLOTTE – Spring is officially here! If you’re a pup parent, you may be well aware of this due to an increase in dog hair around your house recently. Some dogs grow heavier coats to protect them from the cold and elements of winter, so the warmer temperatures of spring can bring a good bit of shedding.

You may sometimes bathe your dog at home, but a professional grooming appointment can save you time and get your dog squeaky clean and feeling fresh in this new season. Some dogs require more frequent professional grooming due to their coat type (ie, poodles or shih tzus). Other breeds may not need haircuts as often, but will greatly benefit from a full scrub and brush out to remove excess hair and cut down on shedding in your home.

White routine grooming is key for the overall health and wellbeing of your pup, spring grooming is crucial because pollen and other allergens are most active during this time of year. At Passionate Paws, our groomers are expertly trained and can also keep an eye out for things that might not be quite right with your dog, like a change in skin or personality that may be an indicator of a bigger issue.

We’re proud to offer fear-free, full-service dog grooming and our facility also gives us the opportunity to provide care for pets with special needs. Learn more at our website and contact us at (704) 256 – 7576 to schedule a complimentary grooming consult. Our pet stylists are ready to help your pups look and feel great!

Passionate Paws Animal Hospital is a proud member of the Union County Chamber of Commerce and the Waxhaw Business Association.

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