Special Jobs for Special Animals

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CHARLOTTE – The typical role we see dogs and cats play in our society is as pets. It’s true that they are important to us as furry companions – there is no doubt about it! However, animals – including dogs and even cats – also have a long history of being a part of the workforce around the world. 

Working dogs are usually ones that have natural instincts which are carefully honed with special training to perform specific tasks. Some jobs that dogs can be trained for are service (including guide dog, mobility-assistance, and medical-assistance dogs), therapy, police or military work, and herding. Most dogs have an impeccable sense of smell, which makes them ideal for the detection of things like explosives and drugs. They can even sense low blood sugar, cancer, and upcoming epileptic seizures in humans, which is amazing! Some dogs are trained for search-and-rescue work to help in law enforcement or military settings as well.

Cats are certainly less known for their work capabilities, but did you know that the British government has officially employed a cat at their prime minister’s residence since the 1500s? More recently, this specially-appointed feline was officially named the “Chief Mouser,” and is in charge of protecting the building from mice and other rodents. We think the world of fur babies, and it’s so interesting to learn about the roles that some animals play outside of being pets!

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