Normalization Of Pets In The Workplace

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CHARLOTTE – June 21 is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day but for many people that concept is not reserved just for a special holiday. Whether it is because you now work from home or it is due to many companies recognizing that allowing employees to bring their pets to work is now part of the new normal. While allowing your fur baby to come to work with you seems on the surface a win-win for all, there are pros and cons that should be considered for any business that is considering a pet friendly policy. 

Allowing fur babies in the office is a great way to give your employees a highly valued benefit, at a low cost to the employer. It has been proven to help give employees better work/life balance, reduce stress, improve health and wellness, save money, improve morale, and encourage more team building. All of these benefits help with recruiting and retaining talented team members. In a July 2021 Time Magazine article, they detailed how many fortune 500 companies are prioritizing pet friendly work environments. For some companies, it has become a non negotiable for employees’ mental health. As Lindsay Bumps, Ben & Jerry’s global marketing specialist, stated, “Dogs have been a source of emotional support throughout quarantine times.”

With all of the amazing benefits, why would an employer not choose to be a pet friendly office? While we love the idea of fur babies being allowed wherever their humans go, it is important to think of the cons of pets being in the office as well. Many people suffer from pet allergies and this could create health issues that could negatively impact the overall team. Also, not everyone feels comfortable around animals, especially dogs. Maybe they were attacked in the past and your cute fur baby causes them anxiety and fear. Pets can also be a liability if they cause property damage, or worse if they bite someone. 

Whether it is in shared office spaces, hybrid, or remote, we look forward to seeing how the future of work continues to evolve and create opportunities for pet parents and their fur babies to be together. 

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