Non-Surgical Options for an Injured CCL

An orthotic brace for your dog can be a viable option for a CCL injury.
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CHARLOTTE – Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve discussed a dog’s cranial cruciate ligament and surgical options for repairing it after a tear or injury. While surgery is often the best and recommended route for this, we also recognize that it may not be a good or feasible option for some. Being that Passionate Paws Animal Hospital is an integrated practice, we offer non-surgical options for those who need them as well.

There are some cases in which a dog may not be a good candidate for surgery — for instance, your fur baby may be at risk when put under anesthesia. Surgical options can also be more expensive, so some families may not consider surgery for financial reasons. 

When surgery is not an option, an orthopedic brace is a great alternative to get your fur baby healing and back to walking. While the goal of surgery is to stabilize the knee by repair, the goal of a brace is to stabilize the knee while doing rehabilitation and allowing for muscle and tissue to heal. After several months of healing, a dog may only need the brace for more extensive exercise and play.

In order to have a personalized orthopedic brace made, we take measurements and videos of the affected leg, and then make a mold of it. To keep costs down, we give pet parents all the materials needed to ship to the company that creates a custom brace for your fur baby.

If you suspect your fur baby has experienced a CCL injury, please contact your vet immediately. Feel free to reach out to us at (704) 256 -7576 for more information or if your pup needs to be seen!

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