National Pet Month – Cold Laser Therapy Spotlight

Dr. Susan Bonilla, owner of Passionate Paws Animal Hospital, performing cold laser therapy on her patient.
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CHARLOTTE – We’re halfway through National Pet Month, and this is a great time to celebrate the love we have for our furry friends. In this series of articles, we’re exploring different tips for pet parents and ways to keep your fur baby happy and healthy. 

Today, as Part 2 of our National Pet Month Series, we’d like to talk about the many benefits of cold laser therapy for pets. Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free medical treatment that can help relieve and heal pain in your pet without the use of medication. It works by using a special kind of light energy to stimulate the natural healing process within their body, allowing them to experience relief from arthritic pain, muscle soreness, and other medical issues.

Laser therapy can also provide a positive experience at the vet office. They start associating that when they come in for a treatment they leave having less pain or discomfort. Many fur babies respond positively to laser therapy and often look forward to their sessions.

Lastly, laser therapy is a great option for fur-babies that cannot have surgery or can’t take certain medications. It’s a safe and cost-effective remedy that can benefit fur babies in many different ways.

As part of National Pet Month, we want to thank all the families out there who care for their furry friends and ensure they get the best treatment possible. If you’re looking for a way to keep your pet healthy and happy, laser therapy is an excellent option to consider.

Your fur baby will thank you! Celebrate National Pet Month with us and show your fur friends some extra love today. 

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