National Pet Dental Month – Oral Health Care For Dogs

Oral care for dogs is important to maintaining good overall health.
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CHARLOTTE – In our first National Dental Health Month series article last week, we focused on cats. This week we are shifting our attention to dental health for dogs. 

As a dedicated dog pet parent, it’s important that you focus on all aspects of your dog’s health. With each regular check up visit, your vet will always look at your fur baby’s teeth. This is because your dog’s overall health can be greatly affected by their oral health. There are some key points to consider with each visit to ensure you are helping your dog have the best oral health which in turn keeps them living a healthier, longer life.  

Your vet may recommend periodic cleanings of your dog’s teeth. This can be a great way to ensure you maintain good dental health for your fur baby. When considering this procedure, your dog’s age and other health conditions will be a factor since fur babies need to be anesthetized for dental cleanings.

When looking at your dog’s teeth, your veterinarian will also look for plaque and tartar. To help avoid too much build up they will recommend dental treats and consistent routines around brushing your dog’s teeth at home. If you are not sure how to brush your fur baby’s teeth, ask your veterinarian or technician to give you a demonstration. 

Lastly, we want to talk about your dog’s breath. Dedicated dog pet parents know how smelly their dog’s breath can get sometimes. However, they may not know that bad breath is often a sign of periodontal disease. Talk to your vet at your next check up visit and she or he will be able to decide whether your pup’s breath is a sign of a serious dental issue, or something that can be resolved with an oral care routine.

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