Mental Enrichment For Pets

Chew toys are great stress relievers for your fur baby.
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CHARLOTTE – The winter months make it a little more difficult to get motivated to move or get outside. While it may not currently be at the top of your priority list, it’s still important for pets – especially dogs – to get regular exercise, both physically and mentally. This helps avoid boredom that can lead to potential behavioral issues and weight gain. I reached out to Camille Asmer of Sit, Stay, PlayDog Training in Charlotte to get her take on keeping pets active during these colder months.

“Mental enrichment gives your dog a pleasant kind of exhaustion,” says Asmer. For many pets, allowing them to express their natural instincts is a great way to release energy. Dogs crave mental stimulation and training. Asmer noted, “It doesn’t necessarily matter what you’re training your dog — it matters that you’re training your dog.” You can also play games with your pup. Consider “scent work,” like hiding a treat and letting your dog find it. By engaging their nose, you engage their brain!

Feeding is another easy way to add in some daily stimulation, as you can give them their food in a toy or special bowl. There are puzzle toys you can purchase, or you can find instructions to make one at home. Dogs actually carry stress in their jaws, so providing appropriate chew toys is important as well. PetPeople is a great store to visit for dog toys and accessories. Here’s to keeping your fur babies sharp and entertained!

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