Introducing Puppies To Fear Free Grooming

Amber, the Salon Manager and Lead Pet Stylist at Passionate Paws Grooming, seen pictured with Nymeria, Dr. Bonilla's newly adopted furbaby from South Charlotte Dog Rescue.
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CHARLOTTE – We’re mixing things up this week with a fun interview with one of our seasoned groomers and Salon Manager, Amber. Check out what she has to say about getting your fur baby started with grooming at an early age:

Q: What age do you recommend introducing puppies to grooming?

A: We recommend introducing them around 10 weeks, which insures your puppy is safe with his/her vaccines and to get him/her off to the best start possible. Most dogs are more open to grooming when started young. 

Q: What can be expected at a first grooming appointment?

A: Brushing, bathing, introducing them to the Fluff Dryer (a smaller, quieter blow dryer), nail trimming, ear cleaning, a little sanitary trim around feet, eyes, and bottom.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your Fear Free certification? How does it affect your work with fur babies? 

A: Fear Free certification is a course to help professionals eliminate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. As a groomer, it has helped make me a calm groomer, which then translates to the pups I groom. The calmer the environment, the smoother it goes. 

Q: What sets Passionate Paws apart from other grooming destinations?

A: Our Fear Free approach helps us create an environment that lets our pet parents know they will pick up a happier and less stressed furbaby. 

Q: Final thoughts?

A: Your furkid will have to be groomed for the rest of his/her life. Why not get them off to the best start possible by getting them accustomed to having a spa day they will enjoy? Fear Free starts on day one at Passionate Paws!

Contact us at (704) 256 -7576 with any questions or to schedule a complimentary grooming consult.

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