Evolution Of Pet Services: Fur Baby Food

Ilsis Rojas, owner of NC Pups Bakery, and her fur baby Milo.
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CHARLOTTE – A decade ago if you searched for a pet bakery, only a few would pop up. Now, a quick Google search for pet bakeries or pet food will bring up countless options for pet parents who are looking for locally made treats or food for their fur babies. While we do love seeing pet parents taking initiative to ensure that their babies are getting the best food and treats, we also caution people to make sure to consult with their vets before making any dietary changes.

As Dr. Bonilla, owner and veterinarian of Passionate Paws Animal Hospital explains, “We are seeing a lot more pet parents who want to know what is in their dog or cat’s food. They are truly concerned at what they are feeding their fur babies. This has been a big shift from the past where pet parents would just buy pet food at the store and not consider the ingredients.”

One local fur baby food business, NC Pups Bakery, was started by long-time baking enthusiast and dog mom to Milo, Ilsis Rojas. “Being a new dog mom, I realized how hard it was to find good quality food or treats without those weird ingredients on the label that I still have no idea how to pronounce, especially knowing how picky eater Milo is and not to mention skin allergies he has due to certain ingredients.”

To help with Milo’s special dietary needs, she consulted with a vet about how she could provide him with organic treats as part of his daily snack. Lots of research was made and integrated into the treats and cakes that she fed Milo and then would eventually become items on the NC Pups Bakery menu. 

As Rojas explains, “After seeing improvements on Milo’s skin and coat, my business partner and I saw this as an opportunity that could bring great benefits to dogs by providing only fresh and organic human-grade treats, so we decided to launch NC Pup’s Bakery to market in 2020.”

To learn more about NC Pup’s Bakery check them out on Instagram at @ncpupsbakery

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