Doodle Behavior

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CHARLOTTE – Poodle-mixed breeds have become increasingly popular over the years, and these doodle pups can be some of the cutest and smartest dogs out there. Whether you already have a doodle or are considering getting one, you may know that they can have some temperamental and behavior issues. It’s very important that a doodle’s smarts be tamed and nourished properly so that these behavioral issues do not become a persistent problem.

Doodles often have lots of energy which needs to be expended both physically and mentally. Many people think that walking a dog is the extent of the exercise needed for their pup. However, according to Camille Asmer of Sit, Stay, Play Dog Training in Charlotte, “A variety of problems like destructiveness can be eliminated or at least greatly reduced if we make sure our pups can use their brain, too.” Mental enrichment is very important for doodles, and really dogs of all ages. There are many ways to keep their brains stimulated, which is part of how they release energy and can express natural instincts in a positive manner.

Some doodles show signs of resource guarding as well. “Resource guarding means that a dog will guard something they see as extremely important,” notes Asmer. “Some dogs guard toys, places, or people, and while it’s very natural for dogs, proper training can help your pup feel better about her special resources.” 

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