Allergies in Our Furbabies

Repeated licking, scratching, and chewing can be signs your fur baby has an allergy.
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CHARLOTTE – As we’ve touched on before, allergies are a prevalent and ongoing issue here in NC. They can show up in dogs in many ways, and can be diagnosed in dogs as early as a year old. 

There are three main types of allergies in dogs: flea, food, and environmental. If you’re wondering if your fur baby might have allergies, start looking for patterns in their behavior. If you see signs of repeated licking, scratching, and chewing, or your pup has recurring skin and/or ear infections, there’s a pretty good chance that allergies could be involved. 

We highly recommend using flea prevention year round, especially because the climate here in NC can be more mild in the winter. Food allergies require doing a food trial for evaluation and proper diagnosis. For environmental allergies, other preventative measures, such as using special shampoos and ear cleaners, can be helpful for some pups.

It may take a while (up to a year!) to watch for patterns, be able to diagnose, and find the best method of treatment for allergies. Just like humans, some dogs can have a combination of allergies, which can be more complicated to treat. Unfortunately, there is no cure for allergies – we simply seek to control them and improve the quality of life for both you and your dog. Thankfully, we have a lot in our arsenal to be able to treat allergies in a safe, long-term manner. Let us know if we can help formulate a program of management for your fur baby!

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