AirTagging Pets

AirTagging your furbaby with Apple AirTag may be a suitable option for keeping tabs on him or her.
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CHARLOTTE – Have you seen or heard of AirTags? They are one of the new technologies that Apple has introduced this year and a great new addition to the “Find My” tracking capabilities that Apple device owners have used for years. According to Apple, “AirTag is a super easy way to keep track of your stuff,” and the website encourages attaching them to items such as your keys or backpack.

Intriguingly, there also seems to be interest stirring amongst pet owners for using AirTags for keeping tabs on their fur babies. Apple has made statements indicating that the product’s purpose is not for tracking people or pets, but the device is small and inexpensive enough that we may see this become a popular option of “external” tracking in addition to the more common method of microchipping.

There are some features – or lack thereof – of AirTags that would limit their capabilities when it comes to helping track pets. For starters, a pet wearing an AirTag would have to be within range of an Apple device connected to the “Find My” network for tracking functionality. Also, AirTags are rated as water-resistant, but only to a certain depth and for a certain amount of time. Therefore, exposure to water could potentially affect the ability to track. One other consideration is attaching the device to a pet, though there are some companies already making AirTag cases for collars. What are your thoughts on AirTagging pets? 

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