A Pandemic Effect on Pets

Is your pet suffering from separation anxiety?
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CHARLOTTE – Many people have begun to be called back into their offices and other places of work if they had been working remotely. While this may be a welcome change for some, the effect this could have on fur babies is worth consideration.

Last year when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many people looked to pets to keep them company or help them cope in some way. There was a worldwide increase in adopting and fostering pets—mostly dogs— as people were spending much of their time at home. Some people also brought home new pets and have likely spent a huge amount of time with them over the past year or so, especially those individuals or families who have been working and/or attending school from home.

Now that the world seems to be slowly, but surely, getting back to what we used to consider “normal,” those who brought a fur baby into their homes during the pandemic may be in for an interesting transition. As we’ve discussed previously, dogs, in particular, can have phobias and experience anxiety for various reasons. There’s a good chance that some of the dogs who were adopted or brought home to a family who was home a lot over the last year will have some separation anxiety as things continue to normalize and people are back out and about even more. Have you seen this happen with your fur babies at all? Stay tuned for some tips next week on helping your pet adjust during this time.

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