4th Of July Safety Tips For Fur Babies

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CHARLOTTE – While the 4th of July is a cause for celebration for humans, it is extremely stressful for most pets. We want all pet parents to be prepared for the anxiety the 4th of July can cause for their fur babies. 

As Dr. Susan Bonilla, owner and veterinarian at Passionate Paws Animal Hospital, explains, “The Fourth of July is always such an exciting time for friends and family but your pet might not feel the same. Loud noises such as fireworks and thunder can produce severe anxiety and fear in pets. Thankfully, there are many ways to help your pet feel comfortable and safe during a loud noise event.” 

Here are a few tips for keeping your pets safe this 4th of July:

  1. Create a safe space in your home for your pet. Use a bedroom, office, or den that has a door you can keep closed or locked during the fireworks so they cannot escape and potentially find themselves outside, lost, and afraid. Make sure to provide their bedding or crate, favorite toys, and water. Play relaxing music or turn the TV on to help drown out some of the noise. 
  2. Microchip your pet in case they escape. Keeping your pet isolated in a safe place in your home means not having to worry that they escape. However, too many pets are lost on the Fourth of July as they simply run away in fear. If your pet has not been microchipped and is fearful of fireworks, it’s a good idea to get them microchipped before the holiday. Contact your vet to get more details on microchipping. If your pet is already microchipped, make sure your contact information is up to date.
  3. Try to keep your pet calm. Help ease their anxiety by trying a thundershirt which provides a more immediate sense of security through the tight feel of the shirt. Make sure your pet wears the shirt in advance of the fireworks to provide the most benefit. You can also spray the shirt as well as bedding with Feliway or Adaptil which are products that utilize natural pheromones to communicate calmness to your cat or dog, respectively.

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