Handprint crafts for Christmas

Hand print art
Hand print art
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One look in my house and you’ll know how much I love handprint art. We have handprint, footprint and thumbprint art everywhere—on the playroom walls, in the bathroom, in each of the kids rooms, sitting on the piano and hanging on the Christmas tree. The kids’ handprints, footprints and thumbprints have been made into everything from elephants to flowers to Santa and his reindeer.

Handprint art is one of my favorite gifts for the kids to make for their grandparents each Christmas. What better gift than one made by precious little hands and feet?

Search the internet for Christmas handprint art and you’ll find a plethora of ideas to create with your kids’ hands, feet and/or thumbs. Little footprints can be turned into “mistletoes,” cute snowman or penguins. Thumbprints can be turned into a string of colorful Christmas lights, candy canes or reindeer faces. Handprints can be made into Santa, Rudolph, an angel, a wreath or a Christmas tree.

There are so many creative and fun handprint craft ideas, it’s often hard to choose! One of the hardest things for me is deciding what to paint those precious prints on. Here are a few ideas that would make great gifts this Christmas when painted with little handprints:

1. Artist’s canvas
2. Cardstock paper to frame
3. Cardstock paper to make into a card
4. Decorative keepsake plate
5. Christmas ball ornament
6. Cloth tote bag
7. Wooden board
8. T-shirt
9. Apron
10. Clay flower pot

Little hands and feet can also be pressed into homemade salt dough to make ornaments or concrete to make garden stepping stones. The possibilities are endless and so much fun!

Happy Christmas crafting!

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