7 gifts the whole family can enjoy

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‘Tis the season for Christmas shopping! We are already midway through November and I haven’t made a dent in my Christmas shopping list. Yikes! Although I haven’t yet purchased much, I have been brainstorming for the perfect gift idea for each person on my Christmas list.

As I’ve been thinking about gifts this holiday season, I came across some whole family gift ideas that I thought were worth sharing. Instead of buying each person their own individual gift, an entire family would be given a gift together.

A family gift should be something the whole family will get excited about and can spend quality time together as they enjoy the gift. Another perk of buying family gifts: you may end up spending less than you would on individual gifts which can help with the holiday budget if you have lots of people on your shopping list.

Here are seven fun gift ideas families can enjoy together:

  1. Membership to a local museum, aquarium or zoo. For something fun to wrap for the kids, choose a stuffed animal, a book or a science or art kit to go along with the venue you’ve chosen.
  2. Ice-cream maker. Include a favorite homemade ice-cream recipe and all of the ingredients needed to make it. Cute bowls and ice-cream sundae toppings are good additions also.
  3. Camping gear. A family-size tent, sleeping bags for everyone, outdoor cooking supplies, a cooler, a lantern, etc. Marshmallow roasting sticks and ingredients for s’mores make this gift even more fun.
  4. Karaoke machine. Add a few karaoke CDs with songs the whole family will enjoy.
  5. Tickets to a sports event. Buy team hats or t-shirts for everyone in the family to wear to the game.
  6. Family Games. Grab a few board games keeping in mind the ages of the kids in the family. Families with little ones may enjoy Candy Land, Memory or Chutes and Ladders. Families with older kids may enjoy Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble, The Game of Life or Sorry. Twister and Pie Face are two games that are sure to get the whole family laughing.
  7. Movies. For a fun day out, think about giving a gift card to a local movie theater. For a family movie night at home, pick a movie or two the whole family will enjoy or give a few Redbox promo codes so that the family can rent a few movies of their choice. Movie candy and popcorn complete this fun gift.
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