5 easy homemade Christmas ornaments for kids

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This Black Friday, I scored a great deal on clear, plastic fillable ornaments. I bought two huge packs and the kids and I have been crafting away, making ornaments for our tree and to give as Christmas gifts.

There are so many fun ideas for filling these DIY ornaments. They make great teacher gifts, gifts for grandma and grandpa, or just lovely decorations for your own tree. You can also use clear, glass ornaments for these projects, but we have a history of breaking those, so we’re sticking to plastic this year.

Here are five easy ornament ideas that kids of all ages will enjoy making and giving as gifts this Christmas. Enjoy!

  1. Snowman ornament. Fill your ornament with cottons balls. Using a Q-tip dipped in black paint, make two dots for eyes and six dots for the mouth. Paint an orange triangle for the nose. Hang with a white ribbon.
  2. Rudolph ornament. Fill your ornament with brown paper shreds. Glue on googly eyes and a red pom-pom nose. Twist a brown pipe cleaner around the top to make antlers. Hang with a red ribbon or a piece of twine.
  3. Pour paint ornament. Choose two to three coordinating paint colors. Holding the ornament at an angle, squeeze paint into the ornament allowing it to pour down the side of the ornament. Turn and repeat, leaving space in between each drip. Switch colors and squeeze paint into the ornament filling in any gaps. Gently twirl ornament until paint covers the entire inside surface. Turn the ornament upside down and allow excess paint to drain into a plastic cup. Let dry for several days before replacing the cap. Hang with a ribbon.
  4. Fingerprint Christmas light ornament. Using a black permanent marker, draw the Christmas light wire around the ornament. Using paints of different colors, press your child’s fingerprints onto the ornament to create Christmas lights. Sign the ornament with your child’s name and the year. Hang with yarn or a ribbon.
  5. Snowman handprint ornament. Paint your child’s hand white, then place the ornament in his or her hand with the palm cupping the bottom of the ornament and fingers stretching up the sides. Once dry, decorate each finger to look like a snowman by using a black permanent marker to add eyes, mouth and buttons. Paint an orange nose. Paint additional details such as hats, scarves or earmuffs if desired. Hang with a white ribbon.
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