Now that you have your Camera

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Now that you have your camera, here are a few things that may help you in your quest to capturing better photographs;

Post-processing software. One way or another, you need to edit your photos. It’s ok to start with software already on your computer, or software that comes with your camera. But in the long run, a dedicated program will do a better job. Adobe sells Lightroom and Photoshop as a bundle for $10/month, or you can buy standalone software from another company if you prefer; there are tons of options. Whatever you pick, stick with it for a while, and you’ll learn it quite well.  (Reach out to me if you are interested in Basic Photoshop/Lightroom instruction)

A tripod. A great option if photographing landscapes, night scenes, fireworks or even waterfalls.  The tripod is a great tool to have anytime you want to avoid camera shake.

Memory cards. Choose a memory card in the 32-64 GB range to start. Get a fast card (measured in MB/second) if you photograph bursts of photos, since your camera’s memory will clear faster.

Extra Batteries. Get at least one spare battery to start, preferably two. Off-brand batteries are usually cheaper, although they may not last as long or maintain compatibility with future cameras.

Flashes. Although most cameras come with an on camera flash, it is limited to just a few feet radius of light. You may want to invest in a separate flash that you can add to the camera’s hot shoe or even use as an off camera flash to properly light your subject in certain situations.

Cleaning kit. The top item I recommend is a microfiber cloth to keep the front of your lens clean. Also get a rocket blower to remove dust from your camera sensor more easily.

Lastly, Camera Bag.  There are a countless array of camera bags in all shapes and sizes!  Most importantly, a camera bag will protect your camera and keep all your equipment together!

In my next column I will address the three basic camera settings.

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