Mortgage in a Technology Driven World

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Many mortgages today are done for the most part online.  Filling out forms online, receiving automated, impersonal emails to give you an immediate gratification.  However, many recent studies and consumer feedback tells a different story of the high technology driven platform.

The drive to streamline a very complicated process, allows for speedy Pre-Approvals, that do not adequately analyze the factors that inevitably can cause an issue with the loan.  A study that was conducted by Fannie Mae’s Framework used customer feedback to look at the process for prospective buyers.  After the initial excitement of a Pre-Approval, 58% stated the process was to difficult and over 44% thought they may have made errors during their process.  Technology assumes everyone is the same, perfect credit, standard income and standard assets, but the reality is if your situation doesn’t fit the very small window the process becomes extremely more complex.  The process removes a seasoned professional and inserts software and a call center to guide you.

The reality is, technology is a great tool to streamline some of the most time-consuming parts of the loan process, however that same tool is ineffective if not used by a professional who can understand when to use and when not be use.  I recently talked to a family that have been working on their mortgage for 60 days with an online lender, they were frustrated, confused and wanted to give up.   After spending 15 minutes getting to know them and analyzing their unique credit situation, we were able to restructure the loan and they are now living in their new home.

Call Chris or Bob anytime, we will always take the time to get to know you and your unique situation to have a high impact solution with or without the use of our available technology!

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