More than a name on the Wall

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There are more than 58,000 names on The Moving Wall and every one of them has a story, a family, and a hometown.

They will all be on display in Mint Hill at Veterans Park on October 10 to 14.

One name will be observed by a local family who lost their loved one during Vietnam.

James C. Foster’s name is located on the panel of the Vietnam Wall. He was born on November 5, 1948 in Patterson, NY. Members of his family now live here in Mint Hill.

“He enlisted in the US Army after his older brother Lou enlisted in the Marines. His service in Vietnam began in December of 1967,” said Libby DeYoung, manager at Abbey Rose Floral Artistry and local Mint Hill citizen. “He was killed during the Tet Offensive in the Thua Thien region of Vietnam on February 19, 1968.”

Foster was her uncle, the brother of her father, who is also a Vietnam Veteran.

“To me, the Wall represents healing. My dad is a disabled Vietnam Veteran, and after losing his younger brother Jimmy in the war, his family never had the opportunity to experience closure,” DeYoung said. “When my dad would visit the Wall and meet other Vietnam Veterans, they would embrace each other and say ‘Welcome home, brother’. The Wall brought them some peace and healing.”

There’s still a need for volunteers for The Moving Wall, visit for more information, or call 704-545-2335.

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