Mirror, Mirror

Angela C. Strother, business owner, and writer of article.
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Mirror, mirror on the wall, what do you see when you look at me?  “Ah you” the mirror replied, “It is you that I see, without the facade of lipstick and concealer.  Nothing hides from me.”

Skin is the largest and most exposed organ in the human body.  It is a safe harbor that shields and protects, however, exposure to a harsh environment, inappropriate body products, medications and other strains or tensions compromise the skin and cause disruptive changes.  Important to note, is chronic exposure to external and internal stressors provide a clear path to premature aging.  What does your bare skin reveal about you?

Understanding what we put on our skin is as important as what we put in our bodies.  Indications such as rash, irritation, and hives are often the result of active inflammation in the body.  This is one way the body reacts by sending out an alert that says, “Hey, I don’t like that.”  This is a part of our “skin sense,” a healthy approach to selecting wholesome products for our body.

When selecting skin care, look for products that are free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, and additives.  Instead look for plant, organic, or marine based products that work in parallel with a clean and holistic approach to healthy skin.  Pay attention to changes in your skin and do avoid the mirror’s reflection because the mirror only reveals what it sees.

Angela Strother, PhD is co-owner of Jon’Ric International Massage and Wellness Spa in Matthews, offering authentic slat rooms, massage, facials, threading, Henna body art, and body treatments.  She is certified in aesthetics and oncology skin care.  Allison Judge, RN is a Social Media Specialist with extensive background in Nursing in Hospital Settings.  For more information call 704-708-4165 or e-mail at fprojection@aol.com.  Come join us for a cup of tea and chat about your skin!

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