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Indy's Sidiq Cabaniss-Ali with a QB sack. (Photo by Ron Morris)
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MINT HILL, NC – In a week where no one athlete stands out above the rest this writer must feature the Patriots defense. In a game where the the defensive team had a major impact on the final outcome of the football game recognition goes to the following players for their outstanding effort in shutting down the West Charlotte offense and giving Indy good field position almost the entire football game.

The team has solid offensive play makers, however, in all three wins the defense has shown to be the strength of this Patriots football team in the early going. They are tough, play with utter abandon, and never quit. Their determination to dominate the line of scrimmage and apply pressure on the opposition QB cannot be denied.

Khalil Hoke: 

The senior DT did a great job in clogging up the middle and shutting down the Lions run game. The “Mini Fridge” also scored a rushing touchdown from inside the one yard line for the Patriots second score.

Sidiq Cabaniss-Ali: 

The sophomore DT played a major role in stopping the Lions run game. He was leading the charge plugging holes and beating the offensive lineman to their spot. He was involved in many gang tackles throughout the contest.

Joshua Iseah:

The senior defensive leader had another solid performance with many solo and assisted tackles for the Patriots. Iseah also had a huge athletic interception of 51 yards for a touchdown in the second half to secure the victory.

Kaden Thomas: 

The junior DE/LB had a great effort and was consistently involved in several tackles and applying pressure on the Lions QB. Thomas accumulated 2 QB sacks in the football game putting the offense in long yardage situations.

Other key defensive players who deserve recognition are Quentin Reddish, Tyree Glenn, Joe Reddish, and Camden Martin.

Honorable Mentions: 

Justin Little:

The Patriots QB took some hits and did not fumble the football. He also passed for 143 yards completing 15 receptions and rushed for 15 yards and one touchdown.

Sincere McIntyre:

The multi-versatile RB had 4 pass receptions for 54 yards and 7 rushing attempts for 37 yards and a touchdown. He accumulated 91 yards of total offense. The entire offense had 238 yards in the football game.

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