Mint Hill Remembers

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Jerry Flowe now.

The Moving Wall, a mobile half-size replica of the Washington D.C. memorial dedicated to those who served in Vietnam is coming to Mint Hill Oct. 10 to 14.

It means a great deal to many of our local Veterans, including Jerry Flowe, who served in Vietnam and is a member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

Flowe was born and raised in Mint Hill and continues to reside here today.

“Our town has always done a great job of honoring the Veterans and continues to do so,” Flowe said. “It’s an honor for Mint Hill to host The Moving Wall.”

He recalls getting the notice that he was to serve in Vietnam, something he was proud to do.

“I’ve always been patriotic, I appreciate the freedoms that we have,” he said. “It wasn’t even a question when my country asked me to serve (in Vietnam), I give the glory to God that I came home, He’s the reason I’m here.”

Flowe sustained an injury during his service, he’s a recipient of the Purple Heart. He remarked how grateful he was that he didn’t have to experience any negativity upon returning home like so many other service members did.

Returning home to Mint Hill was an amazing experience he recalls. After going through so much, it was wonderful to return to his hometown and to the people who loved him.

Flowe is working on the committee for The Moving Wall and is excited and grateful for the opportunity for our town and Veterans.

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