A Weekly Focus on Local Business and our Chamber of Commerce

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Being an entrepeneur

Chamber Spotlight

Fran Harris
Fran Harris

Name: Fran Harris

Business: Fran Harris Real Estate, Inc.

Role: Owner/Broker

Why did you join the Chamber? “When I joined, it was the Mint Hill Business Association. I joined to help with Mint Hill Madness (I sponsored Miss North Carolina one year in the parade). When I joined, Tina Ross was President, Mary Morris was Secretary, and Troy Pollard was Treasurer and we had meetings at the old town hall.”

Fun fact: “It was fun having my real estate booth each year behind the old town hall, one year Roger Martin (Builder in Mint Hill) and I drove wood stakes in the ground and put up string making all the booths for Mint Hill Madness. Great Memories!”

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce is to promote and collaborate with businesses and cultivate a growing, connected community.

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