A Weekly Focus On Local Business And Our Chamber Of Commerce

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What Is Up Next For Our Chamber:

•Women’s Networking Breakfast

Thursday, January 26th, 9-10am

Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce Office

7900 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, bldg 2 Suite B

•Coffee Connections February

Friday, February 3rd, 8am-9am

•Monthly Member Luncheon February

Tuesday, February 14th, 11:30am-1pm

Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation

7500 Olde Sycamore Dr, Charlotte, NC28227

•Women’s Networking Breakfast

Thursday, February 23rd, 9-10am

Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce Office

7900 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd, Bldg 2 Ste B, Mint Hill, NC 28227

•Ambassador Meeting

Tuesday, February 28th, 4pm-5:30pm

Our Ambassador program is a great way to get engaged with the business community. We meet and network locally with fellow Chamber ambassadors and are ideal for individuals who have a desire to become more active in the local business environment, and want to raise awareness of their business or organization.

Chamber Membership Perks for You and Your Employees

Written by: Danielle McFadden President and CEO at Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce

  1. Learning opportunities. The chamber offers many learning opportunities throughout the year. Some are conducted by staff, while others are led by community experts. Topics vary but are always centered around information that benefits businesses. Past topics include <insert topics>. Check out our calendar for this month’s offerings.
  2. Increased backing. One voice in a sea of many gets drowned out easily. But when multiple voices are insisting upon the same thing, leaders are more apt to listen. When you join the chamber, you add your voice to the strength of the chamber and together we can cohesively help protect your interests. When we assist members with zoning or advocacy issues, we often hear, “We couldn’t have done it without you.” The chamber has a powerful voice, and we can speak for you in a persuasive way.
  3. Powerful credibility and a sense of community. Many people see chamber membership as an indication of trustworthiness. It shows you care about the community and are here to make a difference. These days that’s appealing to people. They want to do business with organizations that share their views and values.
  4. A group with shared interests. Everyone knows that the chamber provides excellent opportunities for networking and increasing your business. But the other thing that makes these networking events (and all chamber events) more appealing is that everyone there has a business focus as it applies to our community. You will quickly discover many commonalities that make connecting easier. In addition to possible sales opportunities, you may discover partnership possibilities and other ways to mutually fulfill your goals.
  5. Affordable advertising opportunities. If your ideal market is business professionals, the chamber offers a host of affordable advertising opportunities. From newsletters to banner ads, event sponsorships to speaking opportunities, the chamber can tailor an advertising package that not only places you in front of your target market but also does so in a way that helps you cut through the marketing noise of other platforms.

Chamber membership may no longer be the automatic activity that it once was but it is an excellent way to position yourself in the community, establish respect, and get the assistance you need to grow and thrive.

Visit our website and apply HERE.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce is to promote and collaborate with businesses and cultivate a growing, connected community.

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