Helping your dog live a longer, happier life

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Some easy tips to give your dog the best chance at a long and healthy life.

Watch his weight – Being overweight can lead to numerous health issues in us as well as our pets. In fact, studies have shown that dogs kept at a normal body weight live on average two years longer than those who are overweight. Use a measuring cup to be sure you are feeding your dog the proper amount and be careful with treats – those extra calories add up fast.

Give him regular exercise – Regular exercise helps your dog maintain a healthy weight, releases healthy endorphins, and reduces the level of stress hormones like cortisol. Exploring new places also stimulates your dog’s mind

Engage his brain – Stimulating your dog’s brain helps prevent boredom and encourages physical activity. Feeding your dog his meals from various food puzzles that can be rotated instead of just putting it in a bowl will keep your dog engaged and will also keep him from eating too fast. Start with simple toys so your dog doesn’t become frustrated but you may be surprised at how quickly he figures out the puzzles.

Preventative care – Most veterinarians recommend twice yearly physical exams to help catch any health problems early. Regular dental cleaning prevents painful dental infections. Clients are often surprised at how much more playful and active their dogs are after having their dental problems addressed. Infected teeth hurt!

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